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Russian Room Museum is dedicated to Russian immigrants and cadets in Bela Crkva, Serbia.
After the October Revolution, Serbian King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic the Ist provided shelter to approximately 75,000 Russian refugees in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croatians and Slovenians.
 From 1920, Bela Crkva become home for the few civil and military educational institutions such are girl only Marinskoy Donskoy Institute and boys only Krimski Cadet School that moved from Sarajevo in 1929. Together they formed the First Russian Cadet School named by Great Count Konstantin Konstantinovic.
For short time in Bela Crkva was based Nikolayevsko Kavalerisko Uciliste from Sant Petersburg.
During that period approximately 2,000 Russian refugees lived in Bela Crkva.
Our museum preserved some of memories from that time.

Ruska crkva u Beloj Crkvi
Russian Orthodox Church in Bela Crkva

Ruski Donski Marinski Institut u Beloj Crkvi
Мариински  Донски  Институт


Бела Црква    Србија                       Белая Церковь    Сербия                       White Church   Serbia

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